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Pandata Query Pilot

Large Language models (LLMs) are now a common feature of many software products, but they often operate isolated in the broad spectrum of technologies. In a world that is becoming increasingly interlinked, it is no longer enough for each program to simply have its own individual language model. For companies that rely on a unified data strategy, a language model that is able to work across various systems and databases will be essential.

Get to know the Pandata Query Pilot:
Your digital co-pilot adding a new dimension to your data landscape.

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# Self-Service

Data retrieval and insights via chat that requires no coding 

# Flexible

Flexible enterprise solution that can be connected to any data infrastructure

# Data protection

100% data protection and security

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Imagine you were able to simply chat with your data warehouse or data lake as if you were having a coffee with a colleague - whether in the cloud or on-premise, Query Pilot connects seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

This copilot speaks your language and understands the nuances of your business through customized definitions, KPIs and the structured data in your ecosystem. It integrates into your day-to-day work and provides more than just answers, but real insights - with over 90% accuracy and up to 100% via the integration of a Semantic Layer.


Obtain instant insights and analytics directly from your database without writing a single line of code, while maintaining full privacy compliance, even for the most sensitive personal data.

Are you ready to try out the Pandata Query Pilot in your company free of charge?
We invite you to test our solution for an unlimited period of time.

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