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Success through data:
Data warehousing in retail

A background that has something to do with data warehousing and business and data connecti

The Problem

In retail, huge amounts of data are generated daily from various sources that need to be processed. The data comes in a wide variety of formats, which makes efficient use and analysis considerably more complicated. This not only hampers daily reporting and automation processes, but also the ability to make data-driven decisions and effectively increase digital sales.

Our Solution

To solve the problem, we designed and implemented a comprehensive data warehouse (DWH) with a major client from the sanitary industry. This central data platform integrates all relevant company data, standardizes it and prepares it for analysis.

Not only can relevant business processes be automated with the DWH, but it also enables the uncomplicated creation of dashboards and visualizations of the most important data and KPIs. This enables employees to make the right strategic and operational data-based decisions and has a lasting positive impact on the company's success.

Our Technology

At the heart of our customized solution is an advanced data warehouse implemented in Google BigQuery. For seamless and efficient data collection, we use specially developed Python loaders that query data directly from the APIs and feed it into the DWH. Within the DWH, the data is further processed in a structure optimized for our customers. Here we rely on a combination of dbt (data build tool) and SQL and can therefore model complex data structures in a targeted manner and adapt them to the specific business requirements.


For the orchestration and management of data processing, we rely on Prefect, a future-oriented workflow management system. Prefect is crucial for handling the complexity of our data pipelines and ensures the reliable execution of automation processes.

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